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The comparison says it all, Memphis; DIRECTV is right for your Tennessee home

If you’re looking to take your television experience to the next level, it might be hard trying to figure out the right TV provider for your Memphis home.

With so many companies vying for your attention, you could easily become overwhelmed and make the wrong choice when it comes to picking the best choice. Why put yourself through a sticky situation? Don’t waste your time with cable and other satellite TV providers when you can have DIRECTV.

With all that DIRECTV has to offer, you won’t feel uneasy making the choice to add them to your Tennessee home. Compared to DIRECTV, other TV providers don’t stand a chance when you look at all DIRECTV can provide. Rated #1 by the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index, with DIRECTV in your home, rest assured that you’re getting the prime television entertainment.

How does DIRECTV stay above the competition? It’s simple really, Memphis, DIRECTV gives you more.


DIRECTV is the only TV provider that gives you the most full-time HD channels. You’ll be able to watch your sports, movies and local channels in stunning picture quality that rivals Blu-ray.™ Catch every foul ball and referee every closed play with EPSN® HD and get up close and personal to the evidence with Crime & Investigation Network™ HD. You’ll even be able to judge for yourself if a housewife has had plastic surgery with Bravo HD. DIRECTV is able to give all your shows a reality feel in an ultra-clear high-definition picture.

TV package flexibility

DIRECTV also comes with tons of options to help make your TV programming package unique to your Tennessee home. With five different packages you won’t pay for channels and features you don’t need and you can upgrade and change your package to your liking. From packages designed for a family full of children to a household of sports fanatics, DIRECTV has a package for you. There are even great deals that make every package sweeter like premium movie channels and HD DVR receivers.

Advanced technology

DIRECTV’s technology is state of the art and innovative. When you choose the technology DIRECTV has to offer, you can guarantee that your equipment is designed to give you the best TV experience. You can record shows and watch them on your laptop with DIRECTV2PC™ or start a show in your den, pause it and resume it in your bedroom with Whole-Home DVR. It’s even possible to turn your iPad® into an all-encompassing remote with the DIRECTV™ iPad® App. DIRECTV gives you technology that allows you to control your TV entertainment. 

Cable TV and other satellite providers can’t offer you HD, flexibility or technology like DIRECTV. And with all of these perks, there’s no reason to settle for less and end up unsatisfied. With DIRECTV, you’re guaranteed great service that stands out from cable and other satellite TV providers. 

The decision is easy, call a representative and order DIRECTV for your home today.

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